5 Signs That Your Furnace Is In Need of Repair

Winter is fast approaching, and one thing you don’t want to deal with is a furnace that doesn’t want to cooperate. Fortunately, here at Arctic Heating & Cooling we specialize in keeping your home comfortable all year long. Your furnace breaking down suddenly is a rarity. You’ll usually notice a few signs that it’s in need of some maintenance.

That’s where our furnace repair experts come in. We’ll diagnose the problem and fix it, making sure that your home stays nice and warm even when it’s bitterly cold outside. Here are some signs of furnace trouble that you should look out for.

Loud or Strange Noises

Generally, your furnace does its job and doesn’t make a spectacle of itself. If it’s started to make loud noises or strange sounds that you haven’t heard before, that’s a big red flag. These noises can be caused by a variety of factors, from worn out parts to internal damage. Whatever is causing the loud and annoying noises, our furnace inspection experts can take a closer look. You don’t want to delay an appointment when you’re hearing loud furnace noises, because it could mean continued, more expensive damage or a breakdown that leaves your home cold and uncomfortable.

No Heat

Speaking of being cold and uncomfortable, here’s another big sign that your furnace is having some problems. If your furnace isn’t heating your home, check the pilot light and the thermostat. If neither appears to be the problem, call us at 815-459-1255. We’ll get your home warmed up as soon as possible, and help you with your future furnace maintenance needs to make sure that you don’t have to worry about this happening again.

More Expensive Energy Bills

Rising energy bills can be caused by deeper problems within your HVAC system, so a furnace inspection might be a good idea if your heating bill keeps on rising. Keep track of your costs from month to month, or even year to year, to see if there’s an obvious spike in costs. If there’s no reason for it, like say a relative moving in who uses the heat more during the day or a change in family habits, having an experienced HVAC expert take a look for efficiency problems or dust buildup is a good idea.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off

A carbon monoxide detector going off in your home can indicate a few different furnace problems. There could be too much soot and dust buildup in your furnace. There may also be problems with your ventilation. In any case, you’ll want to call in a furnace repair service right away. This is a big safety hazard.

The Age of Your Furnace

Another sign that you might need a furnace repair or a new furnace entirely is the age of your furnace. Even if you’re not experiencing major issues, it could be a good idea to have our professionals take a look at your furnace if it’s more than fifteen years old. We might be able to find you a new replacement that’s more energy-efficient, and we can handle the furnace installation for you too!