Air Filtration & Humidity

At Arctic Heating and Cooling, we’re not just concerned about the temperature of the air. We also want to make sure that the air in your home is of good quality. That’s why we sell dependable air filtration equipment that can help you make your home more comfortable. That’s also why we offer solutions for bringing down the humidity levels in your home. A humid home with unclean air can have a variety of negative effects on your and your family.

Effects of High Humidity and Poor Air Quality

Skin Problems

High humidity and poor air quality can both affect your skin. High humidity can result in more sweating, which can cause your pores to clog. This means acne breakouts and other issues like heat rash. A high humidity level can even irritate people with eczema and make their symptoms even worse. A little humidity can be alright for your skin, but if your home is so humid that you’re uncomfortable, the moisture in the air is definitely affecting your skin as well.

Irritated Nasal Passages

Poor air quality can also affect your nasal passages and irritate them. If you have allergies, expect them to be exacerbated since you don’t have an air filtration system that’s filtering out allergens like dust and pollen. Poor air quality can really ruin your day and make you less functional.

Mold Growth

A more serious problem can also develop if you have high humidity levels in your home. It creates the perfect breeding ground for mold. Some mold can irritate allergies, while other kinds can actually be deadly! Paying close attention and looking out for mold growth is a must.

Spread of Disease

A lack of a home air filtration system can also help diseases spread. The flu virus and other germs get sucked up by your HVAC system and just spread through other areas of your home. So you know now that you need to do something about high humidity levels and the air quality in your home, so how can Arctic Heating and Cooling help you?

Work with an Experienced HVAC Contractor

We can help you by installing a whole house humidifier and a whole house air filtration system. These work in tandem with your central heating and cooling systems. The humidifier monitors for high humidity levels and turns on when needed. The air purifying system helps get rid of dust, pet dander, bacteria, and allergens that are in the air at your home. This equipment runs every time your HVAC system does, ensuring that your indoor air quality is never just an afterthought.

A whole home system offers a number of benefits over the typical home air filtration system or humidifier equipment. A whole home system means that you have to dust and clean less. In turn, the lack of dust buildup can help your equipment last longer. That means that this sort of system saves you money over time, and that’s not the only way it does so. It’s more energy-efficient than the typical equipment as well. So if you’re concerned about air quality and humidity in your home, contact us at 815-459-1255.